The ministry work of MDC501(c)(3) and The Jireh Solutions Network is founded on the premise that we not only mentor, aide, equip and empower native pastors, ministers and missionaries, but that we also position them when Holy Spirit clearly gives an indication for new positions. We are pleased to share the following move of the Holy Spirit with you. 

Newly appointed Executive Director of MDC501(c)(3) and The Jireh Solutions Network, Pastor Kashif Daniel (far right) with his dad Pastor Daniel Barkat (far left) – SheepMaster Ministries – Pakistan

Press Release – July 1, 2016

New Executive Director named at Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) and the Jireh Solutions Network

A note from Pastor Kashif Daniel:

The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever. let’s give him a huge shout of praise because all honor and all glory are due to him. If He were not there for me, I might have perished long ago — but It is His graciousness that He picks up the humblest of this earth and puts to shame the proud of this world. He chooses the foolish of this world to put to shame the wise of this world. I am in awe of God and the way He has brought me this far. During the course of my ministry I almost believed that the territory of my ministry was going to be very limited and confined to only within Pakistan, but the Lord responded right away that He will not back out from His Word that He gave me years ago for a great harvest.

He sent Pastor Jedidiah Wayne Gaines to call me in from tending the sheep in the field in order to touch my heart and to transform me under His anointed mentorship. I know for sure that I am destined for greater purposes and assignments within God’s kingdom. Pastor Jedidiah is a man after God’s own heart who has sacrificially helped to raised up many reapers (harvesters) across latin america, Asia, Africa, Europe and many more nations and continents. He has been quietly serving the Lord by mentoring, equipping and empowering the native Pastors and Missionaries around the world for decades.

Unlike some other popular missionaries, he was led to serve the Lord sacrificially behind the scenes without any greed, elevated ego or desire for great fame. the Lord sees his loyalty in honoring the call of the Lord upon His heart and deeply honors such a willing vessel. Holy Spirit brought SheepMaster Ministries and Mission Del Caribe 501 (C) (3) together as “Purpose Alliance Partners” and this is how a wonderful journey began where I was equipped by this mighty man of God and moved forward under His mentorship. I’ve been immensely blessed to receive His brotherly shoulder and spiritual guidance.

God gave me an opportunity to be a part of the MDC Purpose Alliance Partnership and to serve Pastor Jedidiah and native missionaries under MDC (c) (3). Later the Lord created a positional appointment for me to serve as Executive Director of Advancement, where I worked nearly daily being mentored directly by Pastor Jedidiah.

I am here today to give God all of the glory for “a new thing!” To my surprise, The Lord elevated me — just like he elevated Joseph — in a single day.  As President and Executive Director, Pastor Jedidiah was recently directly led by the Holy Spirit to extend to me the position of Executive Director of this amazingly anointed and blessed international ministry. we have both independently taken the past week aside to spend with the Lord and His blessing is evident upon this act of obedience and He has confirmed that this is His will in this moment of time. Pastor Jedidiah will aggressively pursue God’s calling to him at his home church, through Yeshua Full Measure Ministry, Spirit of the Living God Series and in “a ready word” and will work closely with me to in providing oversight to my position as Executive Director at Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) and The Jireh Solutions Network.

Because of the Lord — as of July 1, 2016, I will begin to humbly and prayerfully serve as Executive Director of Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) EIN 72-1202161 and the Jireh Solutions Network, a U.S. based international ministry with over 30 years of impeccable ministry service.

As it was in the life of Joseph, I have been raised up to second in command. As the new Executive Director of MDC 501(c)(3) and the Jireh Solutions Metwork, I am to humbly serve MDC, our field directors in various nations, our Purpose Alliance Partners, native pastors, ministers, missionaries and staff. Being second in operational command and only subject to the Lord and to, Pastor Jedidiah, President, and the board of directors, will mean that I need your prayers and support all the more – that I serve well and bear much, much fruit. I do joyfully and solemnly take on this promotion for the glory of the Lord, for the lost, the sick, the tired, the needy, in Jesus name.

Pastor Kashif Daniel – Executive Director Mission Del Caribe 501(c)(3) and The Jireh Solutions Network SheepMaster Ministries – Pakistan